Using Alias Email IDs as Username

All PSUs can now login to NCEdCloud using the Optional Alias email or ID. The Alias ID is different from the state UID enrolled to the PSUs. You can set up the Alias Email ID as a Student, Teacher and Staff. 

How to Opt-in for Alias ID?

A PSUs Technology Director or any staff or student with the NCEdCloud LEA Administrator role enabled can easily opt-in for the Alias Email ID using the Alias ID Request form from the official NCEdCloud website or visit your Charter School or PSU’s Technology department to request for the Alias ID.

Once you have requested the Alias Email to be accepted on your account, you will then have to wait till your PSU can review your request and enrol you with your Alias ID. 

Note: The configuration and setting up of the Alias ID on your NCedCloud account might take 1-2 Weeks to complete. 

Invalid Alias Emails Not Accepted on NCEdCloud

Keeping in mind that the Alias ID will be used as a permanent alternate of your NCEdCloud username, make sure to keep a few important points in mind. These are some important validations of your Alias ID as an Invalid ID or UID won’t be accepted for your NCEdCloud account:

  • The use of Apostrophe “ ” in an Alias Email ID is not supported. So remember to not include an Apostrophes while requesting an Alias ID.
  • An Alias ID that already exists will not be added as your Alias ID. A Duplicate Alias ID or an ID with an existing email address will not be supported.
  • Also, the email address linking to the Alias ID should be an existing NCEdCloud user.

After you follow all the validation checks given above, you will easily be able to request for an Alias email ID on your NcedCloud account. Once your request is accepted (in 1-2 weeks), you will be able to use your Alias ID, 10 Digit UID or your Local Account name to login to NCEdCloud.

Using Alias Email IDs as Username

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