Privileged Roles

Privileged Roles are user accounts with extra access and permissions. Examples include LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk and more. They have administrative authority over the system, user accounts, and educational resources. 

What Privileged Roles can you apply for?

We will be discussing all the privileged roles available which are user accounts with additional permissions and resources. 

Please note that any requested roles must be approved by your district/school’s NCEdCloud LEA Administrator.

LEA Administrator

The LEA Administrator role in the NCEdCloud IAM Service is responsible for administrative tasks and management at the district level. They oversee user accounts, policies, access controls, and educational technology resources within a Public School Unit (PSU).

This role also allows you to submit requests for the Optional Target Application and other upgraded features. 

LEA Data Auditor

The LEA Data Auditor role in the IAM Service is responsible for auditing and ensuring the accuracy of data within a PSU. They play a vital role in maintaining data protection and identifying any issues or problems that can or may rise during use.

LEA Help Desk and LEA Student Help Desk

The LEA Help Desk role gives you the authority to find any student or employee and reset or change their password. On the other hand, the LEA Student Help Desk role is very much similar to the LEA Help Desk role, but it only gives you authority to access student accounts. 

School Help Desk and School Student Help Desk

School Help Desk and School Student Help Desk are two roles that are also available for users. These roles (once granted), help in providing support to students and employees from a particular school. 

How to request a Privileged Role?

If you require a Privileged Role for your Charter School or PSU, you can submit a request for it by going to the Request tab. Here how:

  1.  Visit (you will be redirected to their login page)
  2. Now select (NCEdCloud) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your login credentials and click on “Go.”
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the “Applications” button.
  5. Select “Request” from the list of options.
  6. Now from the options, click on Entitlements > Catalogue.
  7. Now choose the role you want to apply for.
  8. Then click on the “Request” button available on the button right.

Once you are done requesting your role, there are 2 more things you need to enter. Which are: 

  1. Your 3-digit LEA code (for PSU-wide roles)
  2. 6-digit Campus Code for School-level roles (School Student Help Desk and School Student Help Desk)

Handling Users with Privileged Roles

To handle users that have Privileged Roles accepted, you will need an LEA Administrator role to be enabled and accepted by your school. In case, if you are from a Charter School and do not have the LEA Administrator role accepted, follow the steps given above to request for the role.

If you want to learn how you can check the users who have Privileged Roles accepted, a complete list of different guides are given below that will help you Find users that have privileged roles, Revoke LEA Privileged Roles and Resetting the MFA One-Time Password (OTP).

How to Approve Role Requests from Other Users?

After being approved of the LEA Administrator role of you PSU or school, the higher authorities of the school will then review that how many more users need the privileged roles and then they will make them submit their requests respectively.

After that, once there is at least one user that is granted the LEA Administrator role, all of the request sent my employees and students will be sent directly to the LEA Administrator group (Contains all the LEA Administrator of a PSU). You can easily view all the pending role requests under the Tasks/Approvals option.

Note: Keep in mind that the LEA Administrator role has all the permissions and access there are available. This means that this role does not need any other authorizations or role requests to submit, delete, request or suggest anything.

However, keeping the note in mind stated above, that is only for the NCedCloud LEA Admin role. This means that if you have any other major role, for example, if you are a LEA Data Auditor a and you need to reset a password for an employee, you must have to request the LEA Help Desk Role if you want to be able to perform that task.

Privileged Roles

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