Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

NCEdCloud offers a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature that adds more security to your account to make it safe and secure. MFA is mostly used by administrators, employees and technical support accounts because they handle confidential information and have access to important data. 

How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

To enable MFA on your NCEdCloud account, there are three different ways you can do it. Here’s how:

Enable MFA (for users with Privileged Roles)

Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled in accounts of users with Privileged Roles (LEA Admins, Data Auditors and Help Desk roles).  

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) is requiring all users with privileged roles to enter a One-Time Password while logging into your NCEdCloud account. This MFA will be requested every time you try to login to your account. 

Enable MFA (for ALL Staff in your PSU)

If you want to request to enable MFA for all employees in your PSU, you will be required to fill-in an MFA Opt-in form that will be available on their official website. However, it is only possible if you have the LEA Administrator role to submit this form. 

Also, you can also request a date on the form asking when you want to enable MFA for all employees in your PSU.

Enable MFA (for subset of the Staff in your PSU)

Rather than enabling MFA for all the employees in your PSU, you can enable PSU for particular roles or for specific employees in your PSU. For example, you can enable MFA for Administrative staff, HR and Finance Staff separately).  

You can enable MFA for specific employees and roles by creating a .txt file that includes the UID’s (State Employee Numbers) of all the specific employees you have chosen and submit a request for the “LEA Enforce MFA” Title that is available in the Request module (after logging into your account).


Q. How much time do I have to enter the OTP?

A. You will have a maximum of 30 seconds to enter the OTP received on your phone or computer which is generated by an authentication application. Remember that mostly authentication applications have a timer that shows you when your code expires. 

Q. How many times do I have to enter OTP on my Ncedcloud account?

A. Entering the OTP while logging into your NCEdcloud account is part of the process. This means that you will have to enter the OTP every time you login to your account. 

Q. What if an ERROR shows up while enabling MFA?

A. If you are facing an error while trying to enable MFA through an authentication application, this is because you are being blocked by the app to register. To solve this issue, you can visit your Technology Support and ask them to sort this issue for you. 

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

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