Seamless Login with Classlink (New Feature Alert)

Seamless Login is a brand new feature that is now available to all PSUs and Charter Schools that use Classlink as their local student portal. 

With the help of Seamless Login feature, PSUs can easily integrate all major NCEdCloud Opt-In Applications (PowerSchool, Canvas and Amplify) directly in their Classlink Portals page. 

How to Request / Enable Seamless Login Feature?

All PSUs who want to enable or configure the seamless login feature within their accounts can simply fill out the Seamless Login Request Form. The form is available online, or you can visit your PSU’s Technical Support team, who can guide you in submitting your request. 

Important: Remember that only users with the LEA Administrator role can request the Seamless Login configuration form.

How does the Seamless Login feature work?

Once the Seamless Login feature is accepted and configured on your PSUs Classlink portal, Classlink will automatically contact NCEdCloud that will give them the authority to verify all accepted users and display the application they have requested.

This means that this feature simply eliminates the need for multiple logins on NCEdCloud because you can take advantage of the Seamless Login feature and access NCEdCloud Opt-in Applications directly from there.

Lastly, PSUs can also choose to put up the NCEdCloud icon in their Classlink Portal so that all users are able to access all NCEdCloud IAM Services that have been activated in their PSU.  

If you have any further questions about this feature or any related queries, feel free to reach us through our Contact us form.

Seamless Login with Classlink (New Feature Alert)

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