Getting Started

Assignments & Grading

NCEdCloud lets Teachers easily request assignments from students and grade them directly from the NCEdCloud Portal. In this article, we are going to explain how you As a Teacher can request assignments from students and Grade them and how Students  can submit their assignments and check their results directly from the NCEdCloud website. How to […]

NCEdCloud Connects Parents to Child’s Education Progress

NCEdCloud not only lets Teachers and Students communicate with each other in the quickest and safest way possible online, but it also allows Parents to get involved in their Child’s education and monitor their progress.  NCEdCloud Parent / Guardian account is available to Parents who have an existing PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Once your NCEdCloud […]

Data Requirements To Get Started with NCEdCloud

The Source Data required by the NCEdCloud IAM Service (and all other similar educational systems) and chosen by the major authorities and System of Records. All of the major documents and information required by the IAM Service is given below and for further knowledge you can see the Service Source Data Workflow Diagram – for […]

for LEA Administrators

The LEA Administrator role in NCEdCloud grants users the authority to approve requests from their staff and other faculty members from their PSU including with the ability to do other managerial functions.  If you want to learn how you can start using NCEdCloud as a LEA Administrator, you can follow this guide as it will […]

Troubleshooting Account Claim Issues

If you are facing any type of errors or issues while trying to claim or logging into your NcedCloud account, we have provided some effective solutions to solve them easily. So, if you’re having problem with account claiming, read below and you will find the solutions you are looking for: Common Issues with Ncedcloud Account […]

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