Data Requirements To Get Started with NCEdCloud

The Source Data required by the NCEdCloud IAM Service (and all other similar educational systems) and chosen by the major authorities and System of Records. All of the major documents and information required by the IAM Service is given below and for further knowledge you can see the Service Source Data Workflow Diagram – for Students

Data Required from Students

School Districts, PSUs and PowerSchool already have your student data and it is automatically transferred by your Schools to NCEdCloud’s system (in this case). 

Data Required by the Employees

Below is the list of documents that is required by NCEdCloud IAM Service from Employees: 

  • Staff UID (Unique statewide IDentifier) 
  • Email address and information (in order):
    • PowerSchool
    • Human Resources application from LINQ
    • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
    • EDDIE (Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange).

Note: All UID that are being issued to employees are handled and maintained by the PSU Payroll Systems that are running the extraction process of CEDARS.

The Most Important Source Data to Provide

Keep in mind that all of the data given above is very important to provide but there are few things that are very critical to give if you want to continue getting started with NCEdCloud. Those are: 

  • UID (Unique statewide IDentifier system).
  • LEA Code.
  • Budget Codes.
  • Job Code (Object Code). 
  • Dept. Code (Purpose Code).
  • Email Address.

The LEA Code is important because it shows from which LEA or Charter School the user is from. Budget codes (including Job Codes and Department Codes) are also important because they are used to create and assign all major staff roles for Employees and Teachers. Lastly, NCEdCloud requires email addresses for user verification, Workflow requests, and other important purposes. 

Data Audit and Verification by LEA and Charter School Employees

LEA and Charter School employees that have the LEA Administrator role or the LEA Auditor role (learn more about Priveleged roles) enabled and approved have the ability to School’s or PSU’s internal data and verify if the LEA Code provided within the system is correct or not. They also have the ability to check all the Budget Codes (Job Codes and Dept. Codes) and verify if they are updated and correct. 

If the LEA Auditor or LEA Administrator finds any incorrect information or error, they are instructed to update the incorrect information and provide 100% correct information in the relevant Data Record System. 

Note: Remember that the UID System is the most trusted source for Employee Data available for the IAM Service. However, UIDs or CEDARS are updated by the Charter School’s Payroll Systems and LEA. Data that is found incorrect (Data of birth, Age, Last Name or any Budget Code) means that it was written incorrectly by the LEA or Charter School and needs to be corrected immediately. 

Once all of the incorrect information has been corrected and all of the errors have been solved, the CEDARS process will be performed to update all of the data in the Payroll System. Remember that if the CEDARS process is not run specifically to update the corrected data, all corrected errors and information will not be updated until the normal Payroll Schedule is applied (which will take at least 30 days).

Data Requirements To Get Started with NCEdCloud

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