Optional Upgrades

Access NCEdCloud via RapidIdentity App

NCEdCloud can be accessed through the RapidIdentity Application available for iOS and Android devices. All teachers, students, and parents who have an NCEdCloud account can use the RapidIdentity Application to log in. The application is simple and easy to use, with a fast and responsive design. In this article, we are going to teach you […]

Setting Up NCEdCloud OTP via RapidIdentity Application

Students, Teachers and Parents can access their NCEdCloud account through the RapidIdentity Mobile App by setting up an OTP. You will be able to get access to all NCEdCloud services and tools directly from the application. This article will teach you how you can set up an OTP on RapidIdentity for your NCEdCloud account. How […]

Single Sign-on (SSO) with NCEdCloud

All North Carolina users of Clever can now sign in to their Clever accounts using their NCEdCloud credentials thanks to the new NCEdCloud Single Sign-on (SSO) feature. In this article, we will explain how you can configure the Single Sign-on on your account through NCEdCloud IAM Service.  How to configure NCEdCloud Single Sign-on (SSO)? Customize […]

NCEdCloud Badges and Pictographs Login (for PK-5 Students)

NCEdCloud IAM Service has offered a new login feature for PK-5 Students that lets them login to their NCEdCloud accounts through new methods. Students from School districts and Charter schools can login to their NCEdCloud accounts via two different methods. That are:  Only PSU Technology Directors and Administrators that have the NCEdCloud Privilege Roles of […]

Seamless Login with Classlink (New Feature Alert)

Seamless Login is a brand new feature that is now available to all PSUs and Charter Schools that use Classlink as their local student portal.  With the help of Seamless Login feature, PSUs can easily integrate all major NCEdCloud Opt-In Applications (PowerSchool, Canvas and Amplify) directly in their Classlink Portals page.  How to Request / […]

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

NCEdCloud offers a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature that adds more security to your account to make it safe and secure. MFA is mostly used by administrators, employees and technical support accounts because they handle confidential information and have access to important data.  How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? To enable MFA on your NCEdCloud account, […]

Privileged Roles

Privileged Roles are user accounts with extra access and permissions. Examples include LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk and more. They have administrative authority over the system, user accounts, and educational resources.  What Privileged Roles can you apply for? We will be discussing all the privileged roles available which are user accounts with […]

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