Course Enrollment

One important part that student that is using NCEdCloud must learn is to know how to Enroll to a particular course. To learn how you can enroll in a course on NCEdCloud as a student, you can keep reading below. 

Important: Keep in mind that some courses may require approval from the instructor or the School district. 

How to Enroll to a Course on NCEdCloud

  1. To start the enrollment process, first visit the official NCEdCloud website by visiting 
  2. Then enter your Username and click “Go”
  3. Type your password and click on “Go”
  4. Now once you are logged into your NCEdCloud account, click on the “Course Catalog” option (this will show you a list of courses from different subjects available in your region).
  5. Once you find that course you want to enroll in, click on it to view the course’s details.
  6. Review the details, requirements, time periods and other relevant details related to the course once.
  7. Finally, click on the “Enroll” button available. (as mentioned above, some courses can be instantly joined and some might require admin approval. So, if you have chosen a course that requires approval, then wait a few hours for the approval).

You can use the Filtering and Search feature while looking for a course. You can use this feature to narrow down all the results to a particular subject or you can also use the Search feature to directly search for a particular course to save time. 

Management of Enrolled Courses

Managing courses after enrolling to multiple courses at once is equally as important as studying and preparing for them. There are few things you can do to manage all the courses you have enrolled to: 

  • Visit the “My Courses” Dashboard to view all the courses you are actively enrolled in.
  • From the My Courses dashboard, you can check any un-submitted assignments, see any new announcements made or see deadlines of any courses of assignments. 
  • You can use the NCEdCloud Calendar option. The feature syncs all your course events, deadlines and announcements, so that whenever there’s an update on events, you get notified immediately.  

If you face any issues while enrolling to a course, you can reach out to NCEdCloud support team and they will help you sort any any course related issues. Keep in mind all the Management tips given above to make sure you are always updated and puntual in your studies.

Course Enrollment

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