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for LEA Administrators

The LEA Administrator role in NCEdCloud grants users the authority to approve requests from their staff and other faculty members from their PSU including with the ability to do other managerial functions.  If you want to learn how you can start using NCEdCloud as a LEA Administrator, you can follow this guide as it will […]

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

NCEdCloud offers a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature that adds more security to your account to make it safe and secure. MFA is mostly used by administrators, employees and technical support accounts because they handle confidential information and have access to important data.  How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? To enable MFA on your NCEdCloud account, […]

Troubleshooting Account Claim Issues

If you are facing any type of errors or issues while trying to claim or logging into your NcedCloud account, we have provided some effective solutions to solve them easily. So, if you’re having problem with account claiming, read below and you will find the solutions you are looking for: Common Issues with Ncedcloud Account […]

Privileged Roles

Privileged Roles are user accounts with extra access and permissions. Examples include LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk and more. They have administrative authority over the system, user accounts, and educational resources.  What Privileged Roles can you apply for? We will be discussing all the privileged roles available which are user accounts with […]

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